Driving the conversation for Xbox with Twitter live streaming.


As the gaming community’s attention focused on the year’s biggest gaming reveals, Xbox ANZ (‎@XboxANZ) saw an opportunity to use Twitter to generate mass brand awareness, increase brand affinity, and connect with the growing network of gamers across the globe.

Xbox wanted to dominate the conversation at E3, the world’s premier computer and video game event, with 70,000 industry stakeholders and consumers in attendance in 2019.

It wanted to ensure its target audience was seeing the brand’s exclusive content and that Xbox was positioned as a leader in the gaming industry in the minds of gaming enthusiasts around the world.


@XboxANZ focused on giving gamers access to every aspect of the exclusive event through Twitter. The company live-streamed some of its most exciting announcements from E3 direct to its Twitter profile, allowing gamers across the globe to be the first to hear about new game launches and news about its new console. To ensure no fan missed an update, Xbox used Twitter’s auto-reply functionality to automatically send real-time reminders about when the live stream would start.

‎@XboxANZ also created rich video content for the event, including sneak peeks at new games, new game character reveals, and exclusive offers. By using Twitter’s First View takeover, Xbox positioned this content at the very top of gamers’ Twitter timelines so it was the first thing they saw when they logged into the platform. The Xbox team also used Promoted Trends to widen the reach of its audience on its E3 content.


20% share of voice within the gaming vertical

2 x increase in positive sentiment

30% higher view rate than the benchmark set


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