Hosting a virtual press day for the UK’s biggest e-retailer.



British high-street brand Next traditionally hosts in-person press showings however this year’s annual event pivoted into a virtual occasion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The purpose of virtual press day was to showcase the new collection, strengthen relationships with key Australian influencer and media relationships through a relaxed and personalised video setting, and in turn generate earned media and social coverage. 



Ahead of the event influencers received a Next-branded gift box filled with iconic British treats, Next pyjamas and prosecco, along with an insta-worthy cheese platter, to set the mood for an evening of family fun.

Bastion Effect ran two sessions with the UK-based Next team via Google Hangouts; one with 12 top-tier media and stylists from The Project, The Morning Show, Mamamia’s Leigh Campbell, Woman’s Day, That’s Life, New Idea, The Australian Women’s Weekly, 9 Honey, News Corp’s Kim Wilson, The Daily Mail, Beauticate, and It Girl; followed by an influencer session with 12 influencers including Erin Holland, Jo Zammit, and MasterChef’s Dani Venn to name but a few. 

Guests tuned into the event via Google Hangouts where they relaxed in the “green room” and enjoyed a drink before being ushered into the event; a live streaming with Next in the UK, surrounded by the beautiful collection on display.

Guests were able to virtually explore the new collection, chat with the Next team, and place an order to elevate their Spring wardrobe! 



Total number of guests: 25 (plus kids)

Number of clips: Virtual Press Day was shared 20 times across 58 Instagram story frames and 1 Instagram static post 

Total reach from these clips: 1,375,365 

Guest Feedback

“Thanks so much for having me as part of the launch! I felt very spoilt and it was fantastic to put names to faces and also meet the UK team. They seem so lovely and supportive and it meant a lot to make that connection as sometimes when you work with brands it feels very impersonal, but I really felt like I’d joined in an event with a group of old friends (and I was the newbie hehe) and I definitely feel more connected to the brand (may have also been sprucing Next at the playground this morning to the other mums commenting on Oscars cute Next outfit!). But it was a really nice experience, so thank you.” MasterChef’s Dani Venn  

Thank you! Loved it guys!Cass Michelin

“I loved this so much and I think this would be a great option to open up to the public, rather than just influencers. I think the event highlights the brand so personally; it made us feel special and really showcases the brand’s family side, quality and beauty – I would love to have showed my audience, I think they would have been blown away.” – Jo Zammit


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