Driving demand and premium prices for Australian produce in Asia.



Taste Australia is a category marketing program run on behalf of Hort Innovation, Australia’s horticulture industry body, representing fruit and vegetable growers from all over Australia. Taste Australia is a brand used to represent and promote Aussie produce in export markets across Asia. Our task is to raise the profile and export demand of Australian produce through the Taste Australia brand and maintain its premium positioning.



We look at the consumer journey from awareness, through to education, trial and purchase – and engage with the consumer along this path ending in conversion at point of sale. We use point of sale (POS) marketing, including sampling and gift with purchase (GWP), social media, influencers & KOL/KOCs, public relations and events, e-commerce marketing, advertising, partnerships and sponsorship.

We run the Taste Australia program in a range of Asian nations including China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia.



Over the past two years Bastion Effect has managed the export marketing of commodities including Australian citrus, tablegrapes, summerfruit, cherries and much more.

We’ve rolled our campaigns out across nine diverse countries, conducted sampling and activations in more than 100 cities within those nations, mobilised support from more than 100 influencers, held 21 events and generated more than 500 pieces of media coverage.

With our in-market partners we have put Aussie produce in the hands of tens of thousands of consumers by organising more than 3,000 sampling days.

Our social media tactics have resulted in more than 467 million impressions.

And at the end of it all we’ve contributed to an exponential increase in sales, the numbers of which we can’t disclose here. Contact us directly to learn more.


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