Launching the wellness real estate movement in Australia with a fully integrated strategy of media, stakeholder and industry engagement.



Bastion Effect was tasked with planning and executing an integrated public relations campaign to launch DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence to the Australian market on behalf of global wellness real estate pioneers, Delos. Our challenge was to bring the healthy home movement to Australian shores and launch DARWIN as a world-first wellness solution in the residential sector.



Bastion Effect developed a three-pillared strategy incorporating media relations, stakeholder and industry engagement, and brand ambassador activation to launch DARWIN with a bang.

We kicked-off the campaign with an exclusive media famil to the US, to immerse a core group of journalists in the DARWIN story and educate them on this new category in property. Our trip included  stops at Delos HQ in New York; the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (a research partner); and LA to inspect mansions under construction featuring the DARWIN product. 

Back home in Australia, we coordinated an official launch event attended by industry stakeholders and featuring a guest speaker from the Green Building Council of Australia, along with product demonstrations enabling guests to ‘touch and feel’ the technology and smarts behind the DARWIN product. 

Also in the launch week, we delivered an ‘open home’ event – a community day full of wellness activations to showcase the DARWIN product in situ at a fully fitted-out display home in order to drive sales. This was the first time the buying public had the opportunity to learn about and experience a true ‘healthy home’. Our brand ambassador, Shaynna Blaze, was on-hand to provide healthy living and wellness design advice to our enthralled audience.

Tier one media coverage was timed to drop in launch week, with a focus on business, property and real estate sections to underpin the importance of ‘wellness real estate’ and more specifically, the healthy home movement. Further, an exclusive media walk-through of the first DARWIN home – attended by our brand ambassador, News Corp journalists and Nine News – was a key moment to capture content and localise the story. 

Today, Delos is a key part of the Bastion family, with one of our staff members seconded into the Australian Delos team to drive marketing. Meanwhile, the rest of our team Delos continue to foster the strong bonds forged with media, cement the right partnerships to drive brand awareness, activate sponsorships and foster industry support.


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